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Moderate pressure, high delivery double acting pumps for transfer of grease up to NLGI-2. Recommended for use with low viscosity grease in centeralized grease systems that do not require a high pressure output and in large distribution systems of high viscosity oils.


Pump Pressure Ratio


Continupus Duty Flow Rate

13.5 lb/min (6 kg/min)

Maximum Free Flow Rat

35.32 lb/min (16 kg/min)

Air Pressure Operating Range

20-200 psi (1.5-14 bar)

Maximum Outlet Pressure

5,000 psi (350 bar)

Air Motor Effective Diameter

4 1/2" (115 mm)

Air Motor Stroke

4" (100 mm)

Air Consumption

47 scfm (1.340 NL/min)

Air Inlet

1/2" NPTF

Fluid Outlet

1/2" NPTF

Wetted Materials

Cast Iron, Steel, Hard Chromed Steel, UHMWPR, NBR

Noise Level

80 dB


400 Lb drum pump

Simultaneous Dispense Points

1 - No Reels

Max. Line Length

250' (75 m)

Pump Description

Heavy Duty Pressure Transfer

531211 - PumpMaster 45 25:1 - 400lb Drump Pump

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